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Two adventurers taking the famous Pan-American Highway, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, aboard an authentic 1950s Traction Avant.
A 21st century "Croisière Citroën" to make us aware of the plight of 21 indigenous peoples and hear their messages to the world.

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On the longest road in the world

In Montana, it is called US 89, in Chile it becomes Route 5, in Mexico it is Federal Route 150, in Argentina RN3.
The Panamerican is a legendary route. It stretches from the frozen lands of Alaska to the fiery lands of Argentina. It connects North America (Canada, United States, Mexico), Central America (Belize, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama) and South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile , Argentina).

The Pan-American is a fantastic epic, a promise, a challenge, a breath of freedom. Between straight highway and dented crossroads, it spins 40,000 km. It is an adventure, a journey of extremes. The trip of a lifetime.
But the great crossing of the Americas only becomes meaningful if you leave its main road and walk towards those who live on its sides.
The Terra America Expedition chose to meet those who have always been there: the indigenous peoples. The root peoples. The descendants of the world's first witnesses who line this route and embody parts of the history of the Americas. We know of them their resistance, their pacifist philosophy, their intimate relationship with nature. But we ignore their struggles, their vision of the world and of the future.

These peoples, who were there before us, who endured centuries of war, oppression and domination, are still standing. With the same strong identity. They who have been able to stand up to the dominant culture and preserve theirs ...
What do they have to tell us?

This trans-American crossing is the common thread of an identity and spiritual journey, a journey through time and the history of the Americas, the opportunity to meet to envision the future of our planet differently. Beyond the simple road trip, the Pan-American asks us in depth about what binds us, what separates us in our relationship to the land, and highlights the incredible diversity of nature and the people who inhabit it with across the Americas

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A female roadmovie

This trip is that of a female tandem for two reasons: the first is that the best trip is the one we shared, the second is that the gaze of two women, with different and complementary profiles, is a asset for entering indigenous communities and bringing out their strong and sincere messages.

Fanny and her co-driver have in common a curiosity, a taste for travel and meeting. But both are different in their journey, their centers of interest and their approaches: in this, they are completely complementary in this expedition.

They will get all the necessary equipment to film and photograph their expedition on a daily basis. In immersion with the indigenous peoples and in the presence of regular guests along the route, film crews will join them in order to bring back a complete photographic and cinematographic documentation.

"The road is life" J. Kerouac

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Nicolas Hulot, former Minister of Ecology, editorial advisor to the expedition

"Terra America is a magnificent promise full of meaning, a daring travel, a magnificent diagonal, a quest for the absolute where the human takes precedence over the ego or the mere performance. At the dawn of this agitated century, go slowly to gather and collect words of wisdom or truth, give the rooted peoples scorned or ignored, a deserved light Be the voice of this plural humanity, supplement of soul of our world Unleashed from everything, that's what this series of documentaries is exciting and fascinating to me. A salutary mission to become aware of this heritage, this heritage, this knowledge from the depths of the ages and which disappears like sand in the hand in all indifference An inestimable damage that Terra America will allow to assess Through the eyes of Fanny Adam and his co-driver who will sometimes know how to step aside to better interfere, this journey at the height of Man should allow us to confront our cultures, to learn from them, to nourish us with different minds and in the end maybe to add up our virtues. To the rhythm of the Citroën Traction, a little nostalgic touch in this useful adventure, the 2 women of character, experience and sensitivity that they are, will quite simply be the messengers of these indigenous peoples. In contrast, this testimony will undoubtedly allow us to highlight our own excesses in order to better correct them. This is why the day when, through Gérard d'Aboville, Fanny Adam came to present her project to me, I immediately joined to its dimension. "

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