By press release, the Terra America expedition announces today the official arrival of Maéva Bardy.

Maéva Bardy is 40 years old, she is an Image Reporter Journalist and it is with her that Fanny Adam has chosen to share her journey on the longest road in the world, the Pan-American. A few weeks ago, the Terra America expedition began to make people talk about it, taking on its path car enthusiasts but also fans of travel and discovery, all impressed by this beautiful human and mechanical adventure, on a fascinating continent. Going to meet the indigenous peoples of America, this is the goal of the 100% female tandem, from summer 2021. Together, the two young women will discover and share the daily life of these root peoples. 40,000 km at the wheel of a Citroën Traction Avant during which they will experience poignant moments, full of emotions. But together, they will above all bring back strong images and messages as essential for the memory and survival of these indigenous peoples.

In addition to being Fanny Adam's co-pilot, Maéva Bardy will be responsible for making the images of the expedition for a TV documentary series. Reporter journalist, she has been used to traveling the planet for many years. After a Master in molecular and cellular biology at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, she realizes that her place is not in a laboratory, but in the field and that she likes above all to tell stories ... She then turns to journalism, with additional training in cinema. At 40, traveling has become a way of life for her, and reporting has become a passion.

" At the crossroads between history, geography and current affairs, we go to meet indigenous peoples. Our female duo will win the trust of these communities and forge special ties, especially with women who play a major role in the future of theirs… A new perspective that will help raise awareness among the general public. Finally, the aesthetic charm of the Traction-Avant will be a real asset for the spontaneous and positive contacts it will generate. We count on her to add a grain of salt to the adventure and put us to the test! Alongside Fanny, I am ready to take up the challenge of reaching 40,000 km on the clock with so many stories, encounters and landscapes to share with the viewer! »Maéva Bardy

In front of Gérard d'Aboville's Traction 11BL, loaned for illustrative photos