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"Whoever travels without meeting the other does not travel, he moves" Alexandra David-Néel

If the Pan-American is a route of geographical, climatic and sociological contrasts, it nevertheless offers an invaluable common denominator to all these countries it crosses: indigenous populations. Over 80 million, approximately 6 % of the world's population, live in the Americas.
The progressive disappearance of autochthony and its sufferings (discrimination, marginalization, extreme poverty) is a major phenomenon. It is a threat to the very identity of our species, making it significantly more homogeneous than it has been for millennia. Because they are sensitive to this cause, two adventurers will go out to meet them, to learn and bear witness to their fate. They will echo their words little heard through a notebook that will be entirely dedicated to them and in which they will express themselves. This notebook will be returned at the end of the trip to UNESCO.

From North to South, along this vast continent, the Terra America expedition immerses itself in the worlds of 21 Native American Indian peoples.

The two adventurers at the wheel of their vintage car will be welcomed in each tribe by a woman thus paving the way in her community. Their contacts will need several days to create a bond of trust, share with them their ways of life, their knowledge, exchange views on the current world, understand their struggles, transcribe their hopes together.

From the polar climate to the equatorial climate, from Prudhoe Bay by 70 ° North in Alaska, to Ushuaia by 50 ° South in Tierra del Fuego, the legendary Pan-American illustrates over 40,000 km the confrontations between development and the preservation of nature, all the human contrasts. and natural of the Americas.

The expedition that will leave between the months of June and August 2021 will cross in 3 main parts (North, Central and South America) 14 countries and 4 climatic zones revealing an infinite variety of landscapes. The Citroën Traction avant will be the vector of sympathy for the journey. A French car, popular, an old lady of over 80 years who, under its now resolutely old appearance, is a remarkable raid car, combining robustness and mechanical simplicity.

North and Central America: The Pan-American starts from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska at 70 ° N. From there it continues to Canada where a few different routes head further south to the United States. This is where things get a little confusing, as the US federal government has declared ALL interstate highways as part of the Pan American Highway. On this map we have grouped the best north-south highways to Mexico.
The Terra America expedition will take Highway 15 to reach Los Angeles, the end of the first part of the trip.

South America : The Pan Am resumes in Turbo, Colombia before continuing south, following the west coast of South America through Ecuador (including the capital Quito) and Peru (including the capital Lima) and up to Chile. Here, a branch makes its way to Quellón while the main road heads to Argentina and Buenos Aires. From Mendoza, the Terra America expedition will travel south by taking Route 40 (Argentina's longest route, 5000km, parallel to the Andes Cordillera and crossing 20 national parks) to Tierra del Fuego.

Terra America, a human and mechanical adventure, is part of the legacy of the expeditions imagined and led by André Citroën from the 1920s, when the automobile was considered as a means of exploration around the world and of bringing together peoples. Despite a century of evolution in means of transport, the automobile is still today a tool of autonomy and simplicity for traveling such distances.

Two women for a wheel: Terra America a female road movie
From the Arctic Circle to the far reaches of Alaska, the tandem goes to Ushuaia. But it's not the destination that matters, it's the road. Beyond the meeting with the indigenous peoples, the two women will experience mechanical hazards, resourcefulness, bivouacs. They will cross the sumptuous natural landscapes of the American continent, the historical sites of ancient Mayan and Inca civilizations, the large modern cities crowded, noisy, stunning as the peaceful side roads. This trip is also one of extraordinary, spontaneous, unusual encounters with women and men with whom they will share memorable moments of life.
With two seats in the back, they will also be able to welcome guests, “great witnesses”, wishing to experience their daily expedition for a few days: the privilege for Terra America to offer a more in-depth look at subjects of interests of which they are specialists.

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