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Henri-Jacques Citroën and Fanny Adam (pilot and responsible for the expedition) - © Arnaud de Buyzer

In 1924, when he launched the Black Cruise, the crossing of Africa with his new all-terrain half-tracks, my grandfather André Citroën wanted to open communication routes where, at best, tracks existed, in order to get to know better the continent, bring people together and promote trade between them.
In 1931, by launching the Yellow Cruise, the extraordinary crossing, in half-tracks, from Asia, from Lebanon to China, he wanted it to be "the ultimate test for men and for machines": he wanted the automobile demolishes geographic, cultural and political barriers.

The next crossing of the Americas in a Citroën "Traction Avant" is part of this tradition. Fanny Adam and his co-driver will show that this legendary car, André Citroën's latest creation (1934), is still useful, practical and pleasant, aesthetically remarkable. Above all, it will allow us to meet the 21 indigenous peoples who have always been there, who have managed to preserve their identity and their culture despite the turbulence of the history of this fascinating continent ...

Henri-J. Citroën, André Citroën's grandson.

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