A Citroën Traction

A legendary French car
Designed by the French manufacturer Citroën more than 80 years ago, the “Traction” is a legendary automobile which combined the most modern solutions of the time on a single vehicle: in addition to the transmission mode, a monocoque structure, hydraulic brakes and independent wheel suspension on all four wheels. With its decidedly old look today, the robustness and mechanical simplicity make the Traction a remarkable raid car. But that's not all, his sympathy capital has only grown over the years, in France and around the world. What could be better than traveling in a popular vintage car that was nicely called the “queen of the road” on this historic link of an entire continent?

The model chosen for shipping will be a 11 Normal which will benefit from a special preparation to ride both on impeccably maintained roads, and in impassable quagmires during the rainy season. With 2 seats at the back, it will accommodate guests, “great witnesses”, wishing to share our daily lives for a few days: the opportunity to come and bring a more in-depth look at subjects of interest in which they are specialists. , the privilege for the expedition to bring back an important photographic and cinematographic documentation and to thus make it known to the greatest number.

The André Citroën heritage
The 3 “Citroën cruises” of the last century represented an important page in automotive history and human adventure. Imagined and led by André Citroën from the 1920s, these expeditions witnessed the importance of the automobile as a means of exploration around the world and of bringing people together in the context of the 20th century.

An extraordinary period, made up of scientific progress, access to more resources or advances in medicine, which allowed economic growth and social progress unheard of in human history, but leaving 4 / 5ths of humanity apart. Thus, never has a century seen so much technical progress, access to so many new resources and such an increase in wealth, and at the same time, such a widening of inequalities.

Terra America, a “cruise” in the 21st century.

“The next crossing of the Americas in a Citroën“ Traction Avant ”follows in the footsteps of the Cruises (Black and Yellow) of my grandfather at the beginning of the last century. Fanny Adam and his co-driver will show that this legendary car, André Citroën's latest creation (1934), is still useful, practical and pleasant, aesthetically remarkable. Above all, it will allow us to meet 21 indigenous peoples who have always been there, who have managed to preserve their identity and their culture despite the turbulence of the history of this fascinating continent… ”

Henri-Jacques Citroën, grandson of André Citroën

If the Citroën spirit of a human and mechanical adventure remains unchanged, the global context has changed. : major ecological issues, complex social and human challenges mark the entry into the 21st century. The unfinished task of the twentieth century to ensure equity in the access of all peoples to an equitable development path is immense. It will be necessary to reconcile respect for the needs of each individual and those of future generations with the protection of the planet, its resources and living beings. The times we are living in are crucial.

It is in this context that we thought of the Terra America expedition: a transversal expedition, North-South, which permanently bears witness to the confrontation between modern civilization and indigenous culture, whether it is that which remains in self-sufficiency by having preserved its lands and its customs or that which has integrated the dominant society, but which remains an isolated community, most often reduced to great poverty and its inherent social problems. Terra America is an immersive expedition in the tribes and the big cities to better understand the phenomenon of cultural impoverishment that we know with the progressive disappearance of the autochthony. A major phenomenon which nevertheless goes unnoticed while it is in the process of metamorphosing the very identity of our species by making it significantly more homogeneous than it has been for millennia. From North to South, we will see that each country reserves a different fate for these peoples, many have not solved all the problems posed, but some have given rights to these minorities.

Classic car clubs
In each country crossed, the expedition will set up relays with classic automobile clubs like that of The Amicale Citroën Internationale. They will be able to provide logistical support if necessary and be privileged local interlocutors depending on the situation. The Traction will sometimes be accompanied by other classic cars. Other meetings in perspective ...